Launched in 2007, Doodle is until today the more famous online scheduling tool. When you schedule an event with Doodle, you create a poll with time proposals. The invitees vote on time suggestions in order to find a consensus on a time.

Launched in 2014, Vyte is now the best Doodle alternative for Professionals. It is a free appointment scheduling software either to schedule group meetings or one-to-one meetings faster.

Doodle is a very good scheduling tool but has some limitations and among them, two major ones :
– an old-fashioned design (which did not really change since the launch in 2007)
– and no automatic synchronisation of your invitees’ calendars at meeting confirmation.

Doodle does not prompt you to confirm the final date when all your invitees have voted on your suggestions. Very often, you end up forgetting about the poll you created.

What’s more, even if you confirm the final date on the Doodle event page, your invitees receive an email but the invitation is not added automatically to their calendars.

What often happens is that your invitees forget about the meeting. Or if you send a reminder to them before, they already booked another meeting at the same time. You need to reschedule the meeting, which is a waste of time for everyone.

This can be a real break for a professional use when your image is at stake and when calendar lack of synchronisation is a major issue (no show, double booking).


1. Vyte is design-friendly

If you care about the appearance or your brand in front of potential clients, Vyte has a neat and clean interface, which will suit almost any type of business. You can customise the look of your Vyte page with a custom logo and background.

Our interface is designed solely around providing the best possible scheduling experience. With a few clicks, your meeting is scheduled and added to you and your client’s calendars. Create your event now.

In addition to that, Vyte is not cluttered with any advertising whatsoever. That’s because our goal is not to sell you, but to provide you with a premium service.

2. Vyte is tailored for productivity

At Vyte, we make sure that our customers don’t waste time scheduling meetings. It’s our primary focus. Because time is such a critical value for our customers and us, we make our product to simply achieve more with less. We don’t just stop at polls and getting people’s votes, Vyte syncs everyone’s calendars so there’s no more back and forth. We send reminders, let people choose and suggest locations, and we also have a Mandatory invitee feature: a mandatory invitee is an invitee that has to vote in order for the event to be confirmed.
Need a specific feature? Don’t hesitate to contact us in our chat.

3. Vyte is API-friendly

We know that sometimes, companies have specific needs, or need to develop their scheduling system. At Vyte, we’ve created an API to help them in this process. Our API is well documented and has all the functionalities for what you need. Furthermore, you can get notified in real-time with our Webhook on every event created by your team or users. Contact us for more information!

You’re now armed with knowledge! Hopefully, this short guide was useful to give you a general overview of Vyte.

Starting with Vyte is easy, and we’re here in the chat if you need anything.

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