Where do you work? What’s your job?

I am a lawyer with Adroit Lawyers and a consultant with Mind Mine. I work with businesses from all around the world to provide commercial and legal advice. I predominately work with technology businesses and I do a significant amount of work with business that use blockchain technology.

Do you have a personal assistant?

Not a human assistant – just about a million apps that do different things.

Do you use vyte.in to schedule all your meetings? When is vyte.in more useful to you?

I use vyte to schedule any meeting that involves participants from different time zones, or multiple participants.

What do you like the most about vyte.in?

The ability to poll and find consensus easily.

What is missing and that you would like to have in vyte.in?

It would help to be able to actually see the time zone differences before you suggest times. At the moment I switch between http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ and vyte.in.

Do you use other productivity apps?

So many. I am an appoholic. 

Do you have some tips to be productive?

Always set incremental milestones so you can easily track your productivity. Take the time at the beginning to strategise your approach so you can ensure that you are maximising efficiency.

And google it – there is probably “an app for that”. Although be careful not too have too many apps. A good app needs to seamlessly integrate into all the other tools that you use. Otherwise a productivity app may actually end up making you less productive.