We are thrilled to announce some new feature to schedule all your meetings hassle-free on your Vyte account, the appointment types !

Let’s check how this can help you organize your meetings simply :

Configure event types on your scheduling page

With Vyte you can now create multiple appointment types with different availabilities and configuration each time.  By defining an event type, you will be able to make yourself available differently depending on the use case.
You are a recruiter looking to schedule brief phone calls with your candidates before a second Zoom interview ? A comercial looking to let prospects book phone calls or in person meetings with different availabilities each time ? Let’s see how Vyte can help you :

Your Vyte Page Hub is now ready to be shared to let people book a meeting with you by picking the right event type. How does it work then ?

Share your scheduling pages by sending or integrating the URL link

You can now share your Vyte page Hub to let people schedule a meeting with you by sending your custom URL links, by integrating the page on your Website or by integrating all our web components with the Vyte API.

Your Vyte Hub page will display all your event types. People accessing your page will be able to pick from one of your appointment types and book you !

By default when creating an event type, it will appear on your Vyte page Hub but you are also free to define the event type as private, your Hub won’t display it. This way you will be able to share private availabilities, meeting places and configure private booking pages for specific appointment types, clients or use cases.

If the person who books you does not have a Vyte account the tool will only ask for a name and mail address before sending the invitation 🙂

Start sharing appointment types now with Vyte !

Vyte Team