“Why didn´t I blocked him from booking me that early?”, you might ask while still laying in bed. Blocking meeting requests in the morning would be one solution, getting enough sleep to wake up early the other one. We provide solutions for both.

First of all, with Vyte you can manage your availabilities easily and leave your mornings meeting free. Additionally, we provide some great tips on how to get your 8 hours of sleep and still manage to wake up early in the morning. So, off to better mornings! 🙂

Picture your perfect morning
Even if you aren´t a morning person, yet, you can picture yourself as one. I am sure you have an idea in mind on how your perfect morning should go. Maybe it´s yoga, going for a run, meditate, reading a book or making a great cup of coffee. You can make it a reality!

Only focus on one habit change at a time
A Little disclaimer here: You won´t be a morning person by tomorrow – it takes time. But eventually, you´ll get there. Just don´t take too much pressure on you by wanting to change many things at once. First focus on the tasks of actually waking up early. Get up earlier every day until you reach your target time. As soon as you’ve done this, repeat this a couple times before you move on to the next thing like going for a run or doing yoga.

Find the right alarm for you
Not every person likes the same alarm. Some want one that turns them into Hulk and some want to get woken up more gentle. I personally prefer Sleep Cycle. This app recognizes your sleep phases and wakes you up when you already are in very light sleep (it really works!). Also, if you like to snooze sometimes, just set your alarm to half an hour earlier of your target time. You are the boss of your sleep, so there is nothing wrong with snoozing as long as you reach your target :).

No pressure in the morning
Keep your schedule clean in the early morning so you can perform your morning routine without any hurry to make an early meeting. Your mornings are only for you – so do whatever you like to get your day started. This way you get out of bed excited and motivated. When you need help with that, we at Vyte can help. If you schedule your meetings through Vyte, you can decide when people can book you by setting up your “weekly availabilities” in your settings.

Track your progress
One of the biggest motivations to continue waking up early is tracking what you have accomplished in your mornings. It is such a great feeling to realize that it is only 9 am but you have already taken a run, meditated and worked on your side project a bit. Everything else is just getting started and your personal goals for the day are already accomplished.

Don´t break the chain
Another great motivation trick is to use the human desire to not break the chain. If you have already woken up early nine times in a row you want to reach the 10th time, then a month and so on. It will keep you going and after some time it is completely normal for you to wake up early.

What is your morning routine? When do you wake up and what are the first things you do in the morning?