Did you know that today in France, 42% of healthcare professionals use online appointment scheduling tools? You heard right! The world of medical consultations has truly embraced the digital age and it is time for healthcare providers to take their appointment booking to the next level. Automated online booking tools have become a real asset to the paramedical industry due to their accessibility and the time they save.

That’s why Vyte proposes to support paramedics in their mission by facilitating the scheduling of their appointments with easy-to-use features at an attractive price. For only 10€ per month, any practitioner can automate their appointment scheduling in no time!

How is Vyte the perfect appointment scheduling tool for paramedics? We present you some of the features available with our tool!

Each consultation is special and should be treated as such

Each consultation is booked for a specific reason. Some people make an appointment for the first time, others only want a medical follow-up, or patients may request a particular service that requires a specific approach to the consultation. It’s hard to find your way through all these types of consultations, isn’t it? 

Well, with Vyte, you won’t have to worry about that for a second. You can create specific booking pages for the type of consultations you offer. As a result, your schedule will be organized directly by type of consultations and you will have a better visibility on the treatments and care you will have to deliver at each consultation.

Both an efficient way to get organized and to better prepare for your different patients. Practical, isn’t it?

Reach your patients from anywhere

The tele-consultation trend is in full swing and rightly so! Having the possibility to contact your caregiver from the comfort of your home is a considerable advantage. That’s why it’s relevant to integrate videoconferencing tools easily for the patient and the doctor. 

Good news for you, Vyte allows you to integrate your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and even Zoom accounts to facilitate all your tele-consultations in a few clicks! By integrating one of these videoconferencing tools, a meeting link linked to your account will be automatically created upon confirmation of the appointment if the chosen location is defined on one of these platforms.

No more no-shows!

In France, 97% of healthcare professionals are confronted with patients who have forgotten their appointment (Odoxa, 2020). Just imagine the loss of time and money that comes with a patient forgetting an appointment… To avoid this kind of incidents as much as possible, Vyte automatically sends reminder emails for each scheduled appointment. 

In addition, automatic reminder notifications are proven to reduce the percentage of no-shows by 29%! 

Create, configure, and share a Vyte page easily in no time! Test all our Pro features for 14 days with our free trial offer!

Pas encore convaincu? Vyte offre bien d’autre fonctionnalités parfaites pour les réservations de consultation paramédicales. Retrouvez-les juste ici !

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