Looking for more options to work on your brand design through Vyte ? You now have full control on your branding with our new features.

Customize the notifications that you and your invitees receive

By setting your Brand Design on your Vyte account, you will now be able to define the aspect of the notifications you and your invitees receive so that it matchs perfectly with your image. You can set the colors of the background and the font of the email.

Feel free to add the logo of your company as well by indicating your logo URL. It will appear at the bottom of the notification email.

Get more control on the way people interact with you through Vyte

You may not want to let your invitees chat with you through the message box on the event screen. You now have the option to hide this box to prevent your invitees from trying to discuss with you through Vyte.

If you also do not want your invitees to be able to reach out to our support, you can hide our support button in the settings of your brand design.

If you would like to customize even further you can also now ask us to load custom css or javascript on your Vyte subdomain.

Feel free to reach out to us through the chat if you have any question regarding those new features.