Tired of creating your conference room link manually each time a meeting is scheduled ? Looking for a tool to schedule all your video conferences automatically and efficiently ?

You should try Vyte and our all in one scheduling solution for your visio meetings and remote appointments !

Vyte integrates Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams for you to schedule remote meetings hassle free ! Let’s check how it works :

Vyte automatically creates a unique conference room for your event

Ready to experiment with fast scheduling ?

Vyte lets you create meetings efficiently with one or multiple invitees, dates propositions and locations. Your invitees are notified and asked to vote for the most convenient option. 

Our remote appointment integrations let you add Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams as the location of the event.

Then Vyte lets you confirm the meeting. As soon as it is done, Vyte creates a unique conference room link for your event !

Let people book a meeting depending on your availability, Vyte creates a room link for you

Looking to share a booking page synced your availability to let people book a remote appointment ?

Vyte won’t let you down ! Create a Vyte page or an event type and add Zoom, Meet, Hangouts or Teams as the default meeting place :

Get notified each time an appointment is booked on your page and confirm your meetings automatically or manually. With our integrations enabled on your Vyte account, Vyte will ensure the link creation for you and your invitee !

Select the video conference tool of your choice and connect it with Vyte :

Connect Zoom with Vyte

Connect Google Meet and Google Hangouts with Vyte

Connect Microsoft Teams with Vyte

Our support team is here to help you if you have any questions ! 🙂

Vyte Team