Today we are starting something new! 

Talking about our product and the vision we have is great, we love it. But who are we doing all this for? Thousands of people are using Vyte every day. It´s time to put a light on them. Who are they? What are they doing? How do they use Vyte? Do they have any suggestions to make Vyte better? We can´t wait to hear all the answers to these questions! Today we start with Tobias Theil – the founder of Stiki.

Tobias comes from Germany – more specifically Berlin. A city where the startup scene is booming now for many years. He is now attributing to this boom by founding and developing Stiki – the wiki that works. Wait, are wikis still a thing? 

“Every team member should know what’s up. Everywhere. Always.” 

At least in that case, YES. Stiki makes it incredibly easy to share knowledge within your team. His mission which he mentioned repeatedly is: “Every team member should know what’s up. Everywhere. Always.” We at Vyte couldn´t agree more. Transparency within a team is key to success. Stiki will definitely help you to achieve that and we are super excited about the launch! Go try it!

A funny thing we actually only found out during our conversation is that Stiki and Vyte are part of the same accelerator. We both enjoy access to the great network (and their awesome monthly dinners 😋) of The Family. Stiki just recently joined their newly released Berlin program. 

We discovered this common ground during my question on how he found us. “I was using Calendly and never really got warm with their design. Then during my first days at The Family, I got an invite through Vyte from another member. I used it and immediately was hooked by the design and how it works – this made my decision to switch tools easy.” We always love to hear these stories. Not just because he has switched from another tool in the market (this happens both ways), but also because everytime we learn something new about the motivation of our users. In this case, the look and feel made the difference. So kudos to our product team! 💪

“Vyte Page handles all my incoming meeting requests”

Now, since we have won him over we were wondering how Tobias is using Vyte. His answer is actually one we hear quite often, which gives us the confidence that we are onto something! “I use my Vyte Page to handle all of my incoming meeting requests. If someone wants to meet me he gets my personal link and it´s done. I don´t have to write countless emails to find a time. This also really comes in handy with group meetings.” But he didn´t finish without giving us a tip to improve: “I miss something that people can book different types of meetings with me. If you guys could make that happen I´d be even happier!”

Tobias, we got you covered. Event types are in the works and will be released soon! 👀