Google Calendar, is the favorite up-to-date online tool which assists you in scheduling your time, no matter where you are or when you do it. We decided to share some great tips for planning management with Ggoogle Calendar. We hope it will help you increase your productivity.

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts
  2. Set a custom view
  3. Customize the display of your Google Calendar
  4. Add public holidays to  Google Calendar
  5. Include a list of tasks to your Google Calendar
  6. Get your schedule by email every day

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

Access the features of  Google Calendar with keyboard shortcuts is very simple. And it is an incredible time saver.


Some examples :

Navigation : j and k to navigate between dates (or n and p as in next and previous), r to refresh the calendar, t (as in today) to come back to the current date.

Views : 1,2,3,4,5 to move to the views, respectively Day, Week, Month, 4 Days, Schedule (or d, w, m, x, a as in day, week, month, custom or agenda).

You will find everything you need by checking the full list of Google Calendar shortcuts.

2. Set a custom view

It’s easy to customize the view of your Google calendar. Depending on whether you prefer a display of “4 days, 5 days or more”, you can choose between 2-7 days and 2-4 weeks.

Unfortunately, you are not totally free to custom the view, but it should be avaiable soon.


3. Customize your Google calendar display

Google Calendar is  very flexible to use. Depending on your wishes, you can customize your calendar display.

Add one or more time zones, change the date and time format, select a default event duration, display weekends, are different diplay options



 4. Add public holidays to  Google calenda

Here is a  feature that should be nice for everyone. Google Calendar allows you to integrate public holidays or special events automatically.Depending on the countries and cultures, the holidays or public holidays can be very different. Google calendar makes your life easier by allowing you to enter your holidays and other special events in your calendar. Needless to add all these things in hand.

Go to “Settings” under the “Calendars” you will find a link titled “Browse interesting calendar”.
You can then add the calendars of your choice by clicking on “register”



5. Include a list of tasks to your Google Calendar

There are many app with a built-in list of tasks to perform. Google Calendar allows you to view all your tasks in your calendar easily.

Though it’s not a default settings, this option is very easy to activate: in the left column under the heading “My calendars” simply check the “Tasks” box. Google Calendar also allows you to assign a deadline to a task, which will be displayed in your calendar.



6. Get your schedule by email every day

If your schedule is full, you should find happiness at using Google Calendar. it’s possible to receive your google schedule by mail, share it, modify it or duplicate it.

Just go to settings, Calendars tab, then click on the “Notifications” of the desired agenda. This feature is unfortunately not customizable at will.





Were these tips helpful for you? Do you know about any interesting others?