If you want to use any google service which requires a google account, you can do it with your current email address, even if it is not a Google account. You can still use it, by linking it with a fresh new google account.


The following tutorial shows you how do it easily : 


1Go to Google sign up page and fill in the boxes with your own information :

Go to this url to create your Google account : https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail

 You will be asked to add your name, your current email address and to create a password.



2. Once you filled the needed information, Google sends you an email to your current email address to verify and link it to the Google account you just created.




3 . Get the message in your current email address box and activate your account.




4. Then, you will be invited to create a Google + profile. 

Click “create your profile” if you want  to do it now (it’s very Quick) or “no thanks” to do it later.
In this example, I created mine.




5. You’re done. you created a Google account with your current email address.





Let us know if this artcile was useful to you. Feel free to share more tips in the comments about this subject.


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