Find below the steps to share your Google calendar details with another account. 

1. Log in with the account which calendars you want to share.



2. Click the little downward arrow, near the calendar’s name you want to share 



3. Then, click on “calendar settings”.



4. Select the tab “share this calendar”



5. Identify “Share with specific people” and add someone’s  email address, just under it.



6. Click “Add person, if they aren’t already added and then, “save”



You have access to 4 permission settings. You can either let the person you share your calendar with :
– see only if you are free or busy (details of your calendar are hidden)
– see all event details
– make changes to events
– make changes and manage sharing

If you are sharing your personal account with your pro account in order to manage all these calendar within , you have to choose the permission “see all event details” or the ones above.