Top 5 resolutions for the New Year in the world and great apps to achieve them


Which are the Top 5 resolutions for this New Year?

We made a list of the most common resolutions for 2015 and made a Top 5 list of it. For each resolution, we made suggestions of the two apps to help you achieve them.

1. Improve physical well-being

In the top resolutions for this new year, we find the wish to improve physical well-being. That goes from eat healthy food, eat better, lose weight, drink less alcohol, quit smoking to exercise more.

Argus, easy activity tracking in one place

Available on App Store (iPhone). Free.







One of the best app to track your daily activity whatever it is, inclunding food and sleep. The app measures constantly your steps and calories and automatically stores the data, including a map of your daily routes (thanks to the use of the GPS). You can monitor your progress and share it with your friends.

Argus-Track-your-daily-activity Argus-easy-activity-tracking-in-one-place


Challenges, workout competing with friends and co-workers

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







Everyday, you have to go through challenges workout challenges between friends and co-workers. When the app shines is that you can get real prizes, such as gift cards, headphones and so on.

Challenges-workout-motivation Challenges-working-fun-game


2. Improve mental well-being

Number 2 in the list of resolutions, the wish to improve well-being. That goes from a will to think positive, laugh more often or enjoy life. Studio, daily program for mental well-being

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free and Premium.



 Studio provides Android and iOS yoga practitioners with a wealth of programs and poses designed for all skill levels. Preset programs and poses within the library come with HD video demonstrations, and users can add their own poses and variants, as well as their own custom programs.

yoga-app yoga-audio-video-guides


MeetUp, neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something…

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







Meetup is a social service that lets you organize and join local, real-life “meetups” for people who share your interests. It is the perfect app if you want to meet new people on a purely platonic relationship and based around shared interests.

meetup-find-people-with-same-interests meetups-near-you


3. Improve finances

Number 3 top resolutions for the new year is about money. Some examples of the most common resolutions about finances are save money, make small investments or even get out of debt.

Mint, manage your personal finance easily

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







With more than 15 million users, is a very popular web-based service to help you manage your personal finance easily. First step is to link your personal accounts (banking, credit cards, loans, and investing brokerage accounts). Mint top feature is to help you budget and track expenses. Antoher feature is to create simulations (goals) about future financial operations (paying off credit card debt or saving for a new home, …) and monitor the financial impact. Some issues need to be fixed on the app (synchronization, categorization, reconciliation, …).

mint-accounts-alerts mint-recent-transactions

Expensify, daily expenses tracking for professionals

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







Probably the best easy-to-navigate app to track and save your daily expenses. It fits well the needs of professionals particularly freelancers who do not want to deal with a lot of paper copies or need to create their own receipts for expenses. SmartScan feature allows you to photograph, categorize and save receipts. Add Expense feature to add an expense manually. Track Distance feature allows you to monitor and create receipts by distance (ex : travel by car).

Expensify-add-expense Expensify-all-expenses


4. Improve career or education 

Number 4 resolution is to improve career or education. About career, the most commons resolutions are to perform better at current job, get a better job, or establish own business.

For education, most popular resolutions are to improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music), study often, read more books, improve talents.


Duolingo, learn a new language easily for free

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







When Duolingo app was published a couple of years ago, it was a storm in the educational field. The app is free and more effective than a lot of traditional paid tools. Gamification is poured in every lesson which makes it fun and addictive while learning. Nine languages are available for now among which Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

duolingo-1 duolingo-2


Soundslice, learn music better with interactive notation and tabs

Web-based app (desktop, iPad). Free and Premium.




Soundslice is a revelation for self-taught musicians. Built on YouTube’s API, it’s a transcription interface that syncs tablature and videos so players get the best of both worlds. You can also play the video at half speed (without changing the pitch) and loop small sections if you’re trying to pin down a tricky riff. Everything functions in your web browser or iPad — there’s no software or apps to install.



5. Improve self

Top 5 resolution for the new year is to improve self. Very common examples of resolutions are to become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpy, manage time, be more independent, sometimes watch less television, play fewer sitting-down video games!

Trello, free and flexible way to organize anything with anyone

Available on App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Free.







Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects. Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.

Trello-Checklists Trello-To-Do, the more effective way to schedule your meetings

Web-based and Responsive app. Free and Premium.





Scheduling a meeting usually takes a few emails. Add a third person, and you are now stuck in an email nightmare. knows this too well, and will let you schedule meetings in a few clicks right in your browser. With, you see when your invitees are available (if they are already users) and they see when you are available. It is very easy to suggest relevant time slots for your meeting. At meeting confirmation, all calendars are automatically synchronized.