It is now possible to display your whole google calendars, in You can also share your calendars with your invitees, to show them when you are busy.


1. Go to your account settings : click on your name at the top-right corner of the page, and select “settings” in the drop down menu :



2. Click on “manage calendars”



3. Check the boxes to set your calendars


– in the “View” column, you set the calendars to diplay in calendar’s view

– in the “Busy” column, you share the calendar with your invitees and show them when you are busy.


Click here to go directly to your calendar settings enables you to  sync  calendars, from different Google accounts.  To do so, you need first to share all the calendars you want with your main one

When you are done, go back to your account settings and set your calendars from your different Google accounts.


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