It is now possible to create your own scheduling page : your vyte page.

Let people (customers, partners, colleagues or friends) see when you are available and suggest meeting requests directly into your calendar! Your schedule is being filled! You just relax. 

Just confirm the date that works best for you. Everyone gets the invitation in their calendars. You can also decline the meeting request.

Set your scheduling page in just three steps. It is very easy.  


1. Go to your account settings : click on your name at the top-right corner of the page, and select “settings” in the drop down menu



2.  Click “my vyte page” to get access to the settings of your scheduling page.


 3. Customize your scheduling page 


It is possible to :

– customize your vyte page url,
– add social network or professionals links,
– or whatever url/website you want to add to your page.

All these links will be displayed below your photo profile on your personal scheduling page.



Now you can share your vyte page link with your personal or profesional network. You can add it in your email signature or share it by email with your contacts.


Hope this tip was useful to you 😉


Set your scheduling page for free now