Scheduling in different time zones can be tricky but is more requested than ever since the rise of remote working. We build an easy to use scheduling tool called Vyte which makes that process flawless and quick to use, so you don´t waste any precious time.

Working today is different than 10 years ago. Communication and collaboration tools made some huge steps in the last decade. Being present in an office is oftentimes not necessary anymore. Attending meetings, collaborating on documents, working on a product – all that is possible with just a laptop (or in some case even a phone) and an internet connection. So why pay for an office?

There are already many companies out there which support remote working or work like that exclusively. We are one of them. Other examples are Buffer, Zapier, Basecamp and even big corps like Salesforce or Apple have many people working remotely all over the world. All these companies have one thing in common: scheduling in different time zones is a big need since the teams are spread all over the world.

Saying to a potential business partner in the same town “let’s meet at 3 for coffee” shouldn´t bring up any misunderstanding. Except if you like having meetings at 3 in the morning.

Scheduling in different time zones, though, can be a huge pain if you don´t have the right tool. Google calendar offers timezone support. But usually, you have at least some back and forth there to find a convenient time for all attendees.


Scheduling in different time zones made easy – Vyte

As said above we built a tool called Vyte. It is the best way to schedule all your meetings – no matter if it is a 1-on-1 meeting with your colleague or a hiking trip with all your friends.

For the 1-on-1 meeting just sent your co-worker or business partner your Vyte page. This way you provide all information needed. Your free times are visible and you can also provide your favorite video calling tools like Skype or Hangouts. After picking these the event gets automatically confirmed and ends in everyone’s calendar. Of course, in the correct time zones.
Learn more about Vyte pages and 1-on-1 meetings

For group events you can invite as many people as you want and choosing the perfect time slots is easy because you can see if someone is busy or not. Every suggested date is displayed in your own time zone – so no math needed 🙂
Pro tip: Be aware of your attendees timezone(s). For example, if you are in Europe it doesn´t make much sense to schedule an early morning meeting with someone from San Francisco 🙂
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Start scheduling in different time zones now!