We’re excited to announce a lot of new pro features for our Vyte page users!

After talking with many of our users, we realised that while the flexibility of the Vyte page was great for many use cases, for some, customizing the experience a bit further to tailor it to your unique use case would be very valuable.

All of those new features have been requested by users, so we hope you’ll like them too!

Ok let’s get started.


Page title

By default your page title says “Meet Martin Saint-Macary”, well if you’re me anyway. But sometimes it makes more sense to use another word such as “Book”, “Invite” or “Schedule an appointment with”, well now you can set the title you want.

Vyte page with random title
You can set the title of your Vyte page



On your vyte page people can type a subject for your meeting. If they don’t, the default meeting subject will be “Meeting {{invitee}} / {{me}}” where {{invitee}} is the name of the person booking a meeting with you, and {{me}}, is, well, your name.


You can now customize that default subject. You can also choose to “Not ask for a subject” in which case the subject input will be hidden and the default subject will be used every time.


Language and timezone

By default your vyte page detects the language and the timezone of the person booking a meeting with you. They can also change them if they want to. But if you are only scheduling meetings with people locally, that may be unnecessary complexity. You can now set the language and timezone and hide their buttons.

Vyte page with no language, timezone, subject or place section
Hide language, timezone, subject and places to get a lean Vyte page


Meeting duration

A few months ago we introduced a somewhat geeky way to set the duration of the meeting by adding it to the url .

It’s great, but if you want a leaner link, and want to ensure that wit people can’t figure it out and change the duration in the link, now you can! Just set the duration in minutes in your settings.


Number of time slots people can suggest

Some people want to keep control over their calendar, so they prefer when people booking them suggest several time slots to choose from. Well good news, you can now force them to suggest at least 2, 3, 4 or 5 slots.

On the other hand if you’d prefer the appointments to be booked as fast as possible without having to confirm them, that’s also possible! Juste enable the “Confirm meeting automatically” toggle.


Meeting places

By default people can suggest you a place to meet on your vyte page. This place can either be an actual physical place, or just a way to communicate such as Skype or Hangouts.

But in many cases you actually want to suggest (or impose) one or several places directly on your page. Well good news, now you can do that!

It’s very customisable so check out all the options.

The person inviting you can pick one of the places you set or suggest a new one
The person inviting you can pick one of the places you set or suggest a new one


Phone number

Skype, Hangouts or appear.in are great, but sometimes you just want to be able to call the person booking a meeting with you. Well now you can require them to type their phone number before they book.

Phone number being asked
The person booking a meeting with you is asked her phone number as well


Custom confirmation message

Last but not least. When an appointment booked on your vyte page is confirmed (either by you or automatically), you may want to add a custom message to the confirmation email sent to your invitee. That could be additional information about the meeting, or a reminder about a document they need to send you beforehand etc.

Confirmation email with a custom message
Confirmation email with a custom message

Thanks for reading about all these new features! If you’ve made it that far I’m pretty sure you  must be impatient to check them out in your vyte settings .