Showcase your brand and delegate your account!

Today, we’re introducing two new important features to, your personal meeting assistant :

1. Customize and showcase your brand

Now, you can customize ‘s look & feel to showcase your brand :

Change the background and upload your own one

Upload your logo and point it to your website

Set your custom sub-domain (


One of our Premium customers :












2. Delegate your account to your assistant

If you have a real personal assistant , it is now possible to delegate your account. Your assistant can manage it on your behalf. And, you do not need to give your Google password; you keep it secret.

Set up a password for your assistant

-Your assistant can login to your account from using this password



 3. How to set up these features (Show your brand / Password for your assistant)

You need to access your account settings and upgrade to Pro. You can choose to activate only one or both features.


vyte_in_access_to_settings vyte_in_Upgrade_to_Pro_Free_account

Then, you can activate the Options and define your settings for the PRO features.

To Show your brand, you need to :
– choose your subdomain
– upload a Background picture  (1440 x 943 pixels)
– upload a logo image (118 x 39 pixels)















To delegate your account to your assistant, you just need to set a password.









 Pro payments are secured by Stripe. You can choose either to :

Pay monthly ($5 / month) : Go Pro without commiment and cancel whenever you want
Pay yearly ($36 / month) : Get the best price (40% discount), i.e. more than 4 months for free.









Upgrade now to Pro