Google Chrome, one of the browser handled by most teachers, offers a wide range of add-ons that help increase productivity. These extensions exclusively built for Chrome are very easy to use. To install your add-on for Google Chrome, just get it on the Chrome web store, and you’re done.


Among these Chrome add-ons, we have selected five that we consider as the best must-have for all those professionals of education.


Let’s find out more, on these tools designed for teachers.


  1., the fatest way to plan your meetings
  2. Evernote, more than a note-taking app for teachers
  3. EasyBib, the organized teaching tool to find citations
  4. Google drive, One of the best cloud storage service for education area



1. vyte.inthe fastest way to plan your meetings


Schedule meetings easily with the students’ parents

No more waste of time to plan a meeting . In most cases, it’s difficult to schedule an event  accorded  your whole guests’ availability. With, do this quickly.

For example, parents vote for dates and places you suggested them, before. Then you confirm the event according to their availabilities.




Plan a meeting with your teaching colleagues

In addition, shows your free/busy calendar to your invitees. If a parent or a teacher colleague want to suggest you for an other date, they will be able to make relevant suggestions straight from your calendar.






Find the best time to schedule an event with your classroom / students

With‘s Chrome add-on, you can schedule an event, to plan tutoring sessions with your classroom, when you compose a message on Gmail. An event is automatically created and notified to your students.

You needn’t making back and forth between  your e-mail and calendar.





Schedule your office hours easily with your students

If you want to provide your students with support into office hours, enables you to send them your scheduling page, so that they suggest you a meeting . Click this following link and see the result :











 2. Evernote, more than a note-taking app for teachers


Evernote is a famous and easy-to-use app, really considered as more than a note-taking application. It can enable you to write, collect, present, find information you want, whenever and wherever you are. You may also use it to store ideas, recordings, design projects, and save images.

Evernote can be handled in different ways, depending on your teaching life-style rhythm.


Tag your courses

Some teachers use tags in their courses so as to introduce related content from different areas. For example if you have to plan a course in any subject like computing networks, you can tag it as “virtual server”, “IP address”, or “routers features”. This working way can be very helpful to remind you  putting the stress on each important point. Store each tagged courses in folders, so that you  access easily to information needed. 



Keep your teaching works safe 

Depending on the class or the student’s school level, you might have developped or thought about some tips to teach with a pedagogy which is more likely adapted .

Thanks to Evernote, you can keep all your notes, resources, lessons and new ideas safe and access to them wherever whenever and you want to apply your pedagogy.


Take and archive pictures of the board

 As a teacher, it can be very usefull to shot notes of the board. For example, at the beginning , and again at the end of the course. This working way can give you a historic of all the notions seen during the course.

To do more using Evernote this way :
– you can tag, date and title the photos in order to identify them when it will be necessary.  
– you can share the photos with students that miss a class, so that they have the day’s notes.








3. EasyBib, the organized teaching tool to find citations


As a Teacher, you may have worked with a massive amount of citing and bibliography for your research or written reflections. Here is the best solution to handle citing work, quickly.

EasyBib add-on for Google Chrome is not only helpful for your students, but can plainly support you in teaching your area and prepare your courses


Find the right source of your citation 

If you often  found a great quote, but be unable to use it, because you couldn’t get the true source, EasyBib brings the solution for you.

Many  students spending hours determining where to put there indentation, what to italicize, looking up the publisher, sorting through old library books for release years and information.

EasyBib is the point of source citing to properly give credit to the original source.





Define your own bibliography to write your thesis

EasyBib enables you also to automatically include  a bibliography in your thesis.

Easybib does exactly what its name suggests. It creates easy citations for bibliographies by simply plugging in a few descriptors of what ever source your student is looking to cite. After plugging in a author, title, or even an ISBN or website, Easybib churns out a formatted citation to copy and paste into a bibliography or works cited page.

 Find out also the “Paper” link feature.  your students can link to a Google Document, spreadsheet or presentation, to work on the final project of their assignments. So when you’re on the page you can click the link, be taken to your Google Docs, and then associate that bibliography with a paper you’ve already written. 







4. Google Drive, One of the best cloud storage service for education area


Google Drive is one of the best free-to-use cloud storage .  Apart from storing your files in the cloud and being able to access them from any computer or hand-held device, Google Drive is a strong productivity suite with services that allow users to create forms, documents, spreadsheets, and drawings.


Save images to Google Drive

There is a handy way to save images you come across in websites to your Google Drive. Installing the “save to Google DriveChrome extension will enable you to save images through right clicking and choosing “save to Google Drive” then selecting “save link to Google Drive” or” save image to Google Drive“.


Attach files from Google Drive to Gmail

One of the best things about Google Drive is that it is automatically linked to other Google services like Google+ and Gmail. Users now can attach files right from their Google Drive to Gmail emails by simply clicking on “insert files using Google Drive ” button. This technique is better than the traditional way of uploading files to emails because it does not require any file size limit  because a link is generated for the email receiver to download.