Over a thousand businesses are relying on Front to make their email live easier. Today, we are happy to announce our integration to make scheduling events within Front a lot easier!

You know all the hassle when you have a shared email address and you have no idea if someone already replied to a particular email or not? Front solves that and much more! You can easily collaborate, comment or assign emails to your teammates. Additionally, you can monitor incoming tweets, Facebook messages and SMS.

Of course, you can connect it with all the tools you already use like Slack, Trello and starting today also Vyte! Most meetings are scheduled while being in an email conversation, so connecting Front with Vyte makes perfect sense!

HERE you can find how to set it up and this is how it looks within Front:


After clicking on “Schedule on Vyte” you just have to connect your Google Account (if not already done) and right after it leads you to the already pre-filled event. Now all you have to do is to suggest time and place and then you are ready to go! 


We are really happy about this integration with Front and we are looking forward to this partnership!

What integrations would you like to see next?