In your whole sales career, you will often be involved in working with the best productivity. whether it be the salesforce  to manage with efficiency, a sales campaign you have to track in order to improve it, or a sales meeting to plan for handling customers projects,  be efficient in sales activities are the keywords of success for salespeople.


Here are 3 Google Chrome Add-ons we selected  to help you increase your skills for sale.

1. Plan your meetings the fastest way with is one of the best web based app, to help you planning your meeting easily. It is particularly well designed for sales people who have to handle scheduling events all day long.

Schedule your sales meeting from Gmail.

Imagine that you want to plan a meeting with your customer. You may both, send him a confirmation by e-mail and then, edit your calendar to enter the meeting information.


With‘s Chrome add-on, you can “kill two birds with one stone”. No more back and forth between your emails and your calendar. Schedule an event, when you compose a message on Gmail, just prior to send it to your customers or colleagues.


Once your new e-mail composed you can click on the Chrome add-on located near the “send” icon. A event is automatically created with the list of your invitees, the subject of your event and your e-mail content message. You needn’t manage your e-mail and calendar separately, when you schedule a meeting.


You confirm the best date in one click. Meeting confirmation is automatically sent to the customer you invited for this meeting.


 Find out more information on add-on for Gmail


Use a meeting planner built for salespeople is also the easiest way to share availability between salesteam members for efficient scheduling.


When scheduling a meeting, for example, you organize a webinar and have to invite your key customers. It can be very difficult to find a time slot that suits everyone. is the best consensus depending on your customer’s availability.

  • displays your calendar  
  • and your invitee’s availability
  • it is easy to make relevant suggestions straight from your calendar.

your customers can vote for the more convenient dates and you confirm the meeting for the whole best availability, in one clic. Fast and easy.


logo streak


2.  Streak for Gmail, CRM for sales

 Manage your sales deals from Gmail

Here is a very useful feature provided by streak  for salesforce efficiency.
Each of your e-mails exchange with a customer can be tagged by streak. Depending on your e-mail content and subject, you can identify your deal very easily . Categories of deal are marked by one color.


Everything you need to get to “closed­-won” is hiding in your email. Streak captures your deals and extends existing Gmail into a flexible, fully featured CRM.

streak deals


Define your sales process

When your sales strategy changes, updating Streak is immediate and intuitive. Add a new column of any type, rearrange stages, or delete data at any time.



If you need  tracking or improving your sales process , Streak is  the ready-to-use app. Columns are specifically designed to accept numbers, free form text, drop down menus, check boxes, and anything else you could possibly handle out.


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