Imagine having a tool you love and suddenly it is shutting down. Well, if you are a Timebridge user you don´t have to imagine. It is happening to you. Luckily we believe that Vyte can be a great Timebridge alternative! Let me show you how 🚀

Your personal meeting page – the Vyte Page

As in Timebridge, you can also create your personal meeting page. For us, this is the Vyte Page. It offers a great customizable experience to manage all your inbound meeting requests. You can set your own branding and set default settings like where you want to meet someone. This can be an online account like Skype or your favorite coffee place.

But how does it work? That´s easy. If someone wants to book you they see your calendar but without all the event details. They just see that you are busy, so you keep your privacy.
Then based on how you are available they suggest several times. All you have to do is to review them and confirm the one that fits best for you. The event will land in both of your calendars 👌

timebridge alternative

Schedule group – and 1-on-1 meetings

Vyte is also great for creating meetings by yourself. Just create an event and invite one or as many people as you want. Then just suggest dates that fit your schedule and the invitees can vote for them. When everyone has voted it works just as with the Vyte Page. You confirm the suggestion with the most votes. On 1-on-1 meetings that even happen automatically. Another neat feature: If the people you invite are Vyte users you will see an overlay of everyone’s calendar (again: no event details!). So you can proactively choose times that fit for everyone 👌

Timebridge alternative

Your Timebridge alternative

All in one, Vyte is a great solution for your complete scheduling experience and we work daily to make it better. You can not only create events by yourself but also receive meeting requests via your Vyte Page. And the best is: you are always the one staying in control. You own your time and we always have that in mind while developing new features. We would love to welcome you on our journey. Expect nothing but open arms 🙌

Create now your personal Vyte Page