Vyte.in enables to set your time zone when you plan a meeting. All of your invitees will able to see the schedules that matches your time zone.

Let’s show you how to do this, in vyte.in.

1. Create a new event before setting your time zone

A. Go to the list of your events

Just reach your events list at : vyte.in/events and login to your account.

This new page displays all of the meetings you created or for which you’ve been invited.


Each event is tagged by a status : 

Confirmed : event is confirmed and everyone is notified.

Pending : the event is not confirmed yet.

Vote needed : you need to set your availability for this event.

B. Create an event

Click “create an event” and fill in all the boxes



Step 1:  Indicate the event subject

Just choose a clear and simple title for your event. If you want to add details, it is better to use the « messages » box. The invitees will also receive this message in the vyte.in email invitation

Step 2:  Add invitees

If you log in with a google account,  you should have access to the whole emails adress of your contacts.Just type the first letters so that vyte.in suggest you a list of contacts.


Step 3 : Suggest dates and places

It’s very easy to suggest dates and places to your invitees.Just click on “suggest dates and places” (part n° 3 on the above image)


 2. Set your time zone

Once you click on “suggest dates and places”, you can set the time zone which is accorded to you and your invitees, now.

A. Define the best time zone

Click the small down-arrow and select the good time zone to plan a meeting


 B. Complete your event form

click “add a date”, the calendar should be displayed on your screen. Then click on your calendar time slots to fill them in. (Do the same thing to suggest for a place)

We advise you to make at least three suggestions for dates. All your invitees are more likely to be available at least for one of them.



You can also send a message to all of your invitees. Once you do it, you just need to validate your event.



Now, you can see the result : in the “dates” block of your event page, all meetings are displayed with the time zone of your invitees and yours, the time zone you chose for this meeting.


Hope this tips was useful for you, leave your comments. 🙂


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