Imagine you are having a full day. You run from meeting to meeting and you are really looking forward to that free two-hour window where you can sit down, focus and achieve some work. Couple minutes later a calendar invite pops up on your phone – guess what time for. Of course, your only free window today just got eliminated. Goodbye focus time! 
Situations like that happen every day all over the world. So it needs some form of calendar management. Vyte can help with that and I am excited to show you how! 

Calendar management needs rules

Rules? Sounds boring. Yeah, maybe, but this is about your time. So let it be boring for a minute and use the more time you will have for the fun and productive things! 

A feature that gets used a lot with Vyte is setting your availabilities. This should be your first step when you think about your calendar management. What are the times you are most productive? When are you doing your daily run? No meetings before 10? Done! Just set the times you are available and so all other times get blocked in Vyte. Done once and it will save you from all unwanted bookings through your Vyte Page! 

calendar management


Another useful feature to keep your sanity is to set buffer times before and after meetings. Often times the topics discussed are quite different. So give yourself some time to process all the information before you jump into the next thing. This will not only help your head but also result in better results. 

Don´t accept bookings too far in the future

By that I mean one week. It may sound strict but think about it. Things occur spontaneously on a daily basis. This almost makes it impossible to plan ahead more than a week. Of course, you can´t apply this to all types of events. Doctor appointments, birthdays or weddings are usually planned ahead more than a week. That´s fine and since things like that usually don´t care about your schedule nothing can be done about it anyway. But keep control about the other requests of your time. 

I have one last tip for you. Think back to the beginning of the text. The calendar notification which destroys your two hours of focused work. Vyte has an easy solution: block bookings on the same day. This way you can make sure that no one will take away parts of your day you are not prepared for.