You may want to edit a confirmed event to update or add an information (for example, in the place). You may also want to edit a confirmed meeting because the final date is no longer working for everyone.

Let’s see how to edit your event with in these two cases.


A. Update or add an information in a confirmed event

1. Login to your account and go to the event page of the confirmed meeting you want to edit

2. Click on the “edit” button, at the top-left of the page, below the title of your event.




3. Click on “edit this event” to update the information you want to change in your meeting invite


Make all the changes needed. You may add a new date or a new place. You can also update the information in the confirmed place to add some details for example. 


4. Click on “confirm event” when you have finished your changes.

An updated invite and email are sent to everyone. The previous invite is cleaned from all calendars. Everyone keeps the final meeting. 


B. Reopen the vote with new suggestions

Let’s imagine that the confirmed date is not working any more. You need to edit your event to make new suggestions. 

1. Click on “edit” then on “edit this event” exactly like in the first case. 

2. Then you can make your new suggestions (for example, suggest new dates or new places).


3. An email with your new suggestions is sent to your invitees

When you are done, sends an email to all the participants with your new suggestions.

They are invited to vote on dates to find another date that works for everyone.

Do not forget to confirm the final date when everyone has voted. 


Find out more details in this video tutorial :



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