You just signed up for Vyte – great! Now you are ready to save a lot of time on scheduling all your meetings. But how do you get the most out of Vyte from the beginning? In this part of the series “How to get started with Vyte” you will learn how to set up your Vyte page.

Create your Vyte page
The Vyte page offers the easiest way to let people book you. Just send or embed your page link (save yours right now) and they are ready to go! You can also leave a short tip for your page visitors.

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Set up your calendars
If you are like me (or most people), you have different calendars for work, private life and other things. You can pick which ones will be shown as busy on your Vyte page.

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The following three steps require a pro account. However, you can just start a free trial to test these features before you pay your first dime! 🙂

Set your weekly availability
Not every day of the week is the same. Maybe you have yoga class every Wednesday afternoon or you like to block some “me time” every day in the morning. No problem with Vyte! You can easily set your availability for every day of the week.

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Customize the design of your Vyte page
The next step would be to make your page pretty and more fitting to your needs. You can customize your design by uploading a gorgeous background picture and your own logo. This way you can make your page to your very own.
Here, for example, is my page:

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 5.21.28 PM


Customize your Vyte page settings

Here you can add links (like your social accounts), set a meeting duration, set a place (like your Skype account), restrict your invitees and much more!
You can find more about it in detail right HERE.

Share your Vyte page

One great use of your Vyte page is to embed it on your website or add a button into your email signature. This way your page is easily accessible and nothing stands between you and a productive meeting.

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Keep track of your meetings on the go
We recently launched our iPhone App. So you are able to handle your meetings and your calendar right on the go! 🙂


Happy scheduling!