Summer is (almost!) over – time to get excited about going back to school šŸ˜œ

Well, I can see how this headline doesnĀ“t make sense for a lot of people. But letĀ“s look on the bright side.Ā A fresh start is always a possibility to make a change to the better – focus on that. Plus, summer isnĀ“t over, yet (fingers crossed šŸ¤žšŸ¼).
Next to giving you some motivation on your way back to school, we also want to giveĀ some examples of how you can use Vyte at your school. You have plenty of stuff to do, scheduling shouldn’tĀ be one of them. Vyte takes care of that.

Vyte for students

Luckily in school, there is plenty of team work. Students are getting together to discuss homework, meet for chess or many other groups or to huddle up for sports activities. Most of the time the biggest issue is to find a time that suits everyone. Every student attends different classes or groups, so there is almost no way to figure that out quickly and without much of a back and forth. Here comes Vyte into play.

Vyte offers an easy and fast way to schedule group meetings. The initiator of the event can suggest times and places for the students to vote on. After everyone has voted the best time gets confirmed and lands in everyone’s calendar. If the students already have signed up for Vyte they even get an overlaying view with everyone’s calendar during the event creation process. Of course, the calendar details are staying private. Is just says “Martin is busy”.

Vyte for teachers

Vyte can also be really useful for teachers! Often times students want to have a chat with their teachers to discuss topics in class or upcoming exams. How is this happening right now? Students try to catch their teacher after class or in the hallway to have a quick chat orĀ to schedule something for later. However, a quick chat is often times not as effective as a 30min talk and scheduling something in a rush, maybe even without a calendar on hand, is also not the most effective way to do things. So what is the solution? Let me introduce our Vyte Page!

The Vyte Page is a personal meeting page which can be set up and customized however you want. As a teacher, you can let students book you based on your schedule. Again, no worries. The details of your schedule stay private to you. You can also set default places like your office, the cafeteria or even your online accounts like Skype. Pretty good, right?Ā There are even more greatĀ possibilities to customize your Vyte Page to make it fit perfectly for your needs.

Create now your own personal Vyte Page!