With vyte.in , it is possible to restrict possible hours for your meeting requests. For example, to only accept meeting requests in the morning.

To do so, you will have to show your Google Calendar as busy for a recurring event.


1. Set your Google Calendar as busy for a recurring event

A. Create a new calendar

a. In your Google Calendar, Click the small downward arrow, near “my calendars” and select “Create new calendar”. 



b. Name the new calendar (ex : busy every afternoon), then click “create new calendar” at the bottom-left of the page.



 B. Define a recurring event in your new Calendar

a. Click the small downward arrow, near this new calendar (busy every afternoon) then click “create event on this calendar“.



b. Give a title to the event (For example, “training on vyte.in app”)  inside the box at the top-left of the page. Just under the title, define a recurring period for which you won’t be available ( every afternoon a week).



c. Enter the period dates and daily-time from the beginning to the end, then check “repeat” to extend the event on each day of the week (for example from Monday to Friday).




2. Show your Google Calendar as busy for a recurring event inside vyte.in 

You are now ready to show your new calendar as busy to your whole invitees inside vyte.in


 a. Go to your account settings :

Click on your name at the top-right corner of the page, and select “settings” in the drop down menu.



b. Click on “manage calendars”



c. Check the “Busy” box near your new calendar “Busy every afternoon”

Henceforth, you show as busy in the afternoon to others. 



Let us know if this  tutorial was useful, share your comments with us.

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