Two weeks ago we had a tremendous time at Product Hunt with our iOS launch and we couldn´t be happier about it — no reason for us to rest, though 😉 
We implemented some highly requested features: faster 1-on-1 scheduling, voting from emails and easier sharing of your events. 

Faster 1-on-1 scheduling

From now on, when you invite a single person, that person can only vote for one date and one place or make new suggestions. Within two minutes of them voting, the event is automatically confirmed and both the organizer and the invitee receive a confirmation email and get the meeting in their calendar. It is just as easy as that 🙂 

Additionally, we added two more little tweaks to make your scheduling experience even better.

Vote directly from emails 

Starting today you can directly make your choice from your email. Just click on your preferred time or place and your vote is automatically submitted. Just as simple as that! 🙂 

Voting from emails + Faster 1-on-1 scheduling

Faster sharing

If you don´t like Vyte to send emails we´ve got you covered! Just create and event with no invitees, so there will be a popup coming up with a shareable link — which you can share on any network like Facebook or anywhere else you want. 

Faster sharing of your events

We hope you all will like these new features! 🙂 
If you have any feedback or suggestions just let us know in the comments! 

Or just say hi via Facebook or Twitter! 🙂 

Happy scheduling!