When I had my job interview here at Vyte we talked about lots of things but about one more in particular: transparency.
I was great to realize that we were on the same picture on that topic.
Especially since we are a remote team, this is important to us.

One of the companies I admire for a long time is Buffer. They are transparent in a very radical way. Sharing salaries or revenue would be a no-go for most people or companies – not so for the (awesome!) people at Buffer.

With today’s launch of our Public Product Roadmap, we want to make a first step towards in the direction of more transparency. We are confident that building in the open brings us more valuable discussion with our users and also pushes us as a team to commit to your needs. At the end, it is our job to build more value for you.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 3.39.34 PMWe get requests daily about new features and what we are building next. From now on we can refer to the roadmap, so everyone can get the full picture of what our plans are. And there it doesn’t stop. We are inviting you to vote and discuss on everything on the roadmap. Just vote or/and add a comment to the cards on the board. We love to hear from you what you want to see or if you have any extra thoughts!

If you have more ideas, contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our chat tool on our website. We can´t wait for all the awesome discussions we gonna have!

Take a look at our Public Product Roadmap now!