Providing good customer support is key to the success of a business.
Today, in many cases this happens via email or support chat. But if the issue is too complicated or the user just prefers to actually talk to a human, the phone is often times still the best solution. In this article, we explain to you how you can use Vyte to manage your support scheduling. 

Support scheduling with Vyte

As soon as you arrive in a situation where a call is needed you are confronted with one problem: How to find the best time for all parties. When both of you can switch immediately from chat/or email to the phone, great. But most of the time that isn’t the case. We all have schedules.
So what then follows is a back and forth where you try to find a date. Do you also cringe when you hear the words “back and forth”? Well, I am happy to tell you that we have a better solution!

Your personal meeting page

One way you can manage your support scheduling with ease is your personal meeting page – the Vyte Page. All you have to do is to send over your page URL (we also offer a nice button in your email signature). The user then can easily pick times based on your schedule and your availability. But no worries, no event details are visible to the person who is booking you. So your privacy is always protected.
You can also set default places like your Zoom or Skype account or set buffer times and many things more.

support scheduling
Support scheduling with the Vyte Page

Suggest times by yourself

If you prefer to suggest times by yourself we offer a great way to do that, too.
Just create an event on Vyte, suggest several times that work for you and let the people vote on it. Then all you have to do is to confirm the meeting and it automatically lands on everyone’s calendar. If you only invite one person you don’t even have to confirm the event by yourself as this also happens automatically. On 1-on-1 meetings, we allow the invitee to only pick one date so that we save you the time to confirm it manually. Sounds great, right?

support scheduling
Event page

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