To be fully transparent – we didn´t have the idea to accept meetings on Facebook ourselves. But luckily we have our amazing users who think about Vyte in ways we sometimes don´t. So as the request of a user came in couple days ago I quickly researched if and how this is possible – spoiler alert: yes it is and it is easy! (Updates: You’ll now need 2000 likes on your page to be able to create a custom tab)

Accept meetings on Facebook by connecting Vyte to your Facebook page

As said above, setting it up is not a big hurdle. It takes 5 minutes tops and then you are ready to go. We explain how to do it in more detail right here.

But let’s focus on the possibilities of this.
If you have a Facebook page (if you have a business, chances are high that´s the case) you can now create a direct way to let people book you – without any need to share your Vyte Page URL.
Of course, you are also able to embed your page on your own website. But let’s face it, especially millennials will go first to the social profiles to check if there is any immediate help or information. By connecting Vyte to your Facebook page you have a direct line to them. Many people still prefer to actually talk to people instead of just exchanging words with some random person.

Pro tip: If you are willing to offer that you should also promote it properly. Write an inviting post and maybe pin it to the top so that also new people can discover the possibility to book you 👌

Book us on Facebook

Of course, you are also able to book us on Facebook. After I talked about all the advantages everything else would be foolish 😅

accept meetings on Facebook
With Vyte you have an easy way to accept meetings on Facebook

Book us right here if you want to talk! Well, it should be at least a bit related to Vyte or scheduling in general. But if you have any other things where you think they are interesting to us – the sky is the limit 😎

If you are interested in setting it up check our FAQ article related to this.

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