It is very easy to know your invitees’ status at a glance on vyte. You can decide with this status on your invitees what you want to do. Send reminders to invitees who forgot to vote on your suggestions? Add more invitees? Delete some invitees? Suggest more times if there is no consensus on the times you suggested. Cancel the event if a lot of invitees declined it? 

1. Five invitees’s status for your events on vyte

There are five different status for the participants of your meeting. It is very useful to know wether your invitees have received your email, opened it, gone to the event page without voting on your time suggestions for example. 

If the email you entered for an invitee in incorrect, you’ll receive an email from Vyte. 












Email sent : your invitee received the invitation
Email opened : the email was read
Seen page : your invitee went to the event page but did not vote
Voted : your invitee voted on times
Declined : your invitee declined the event


2. Who voted on what?

Click on the name of your invitees to highlight their votes on dates. This is a very useful feature to know for example the preferences of an invitee who is compulsory for the meeting. If for example, this invitee did not vote on your suggestions, you already know that you’ll have to send a reminder or to send new time suggestions. 













Click on a circle to see the invitees who voted for this time. You can start with the circles on dates that got a great number of votes for example. 
















Click here if you want to know how to send a reminder to the invitees who forgot to vote. 


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