Sometimes you do not want to let people book you on some random day, even if you are available.

A meeting with a client based in another city and you need time to be there ? A coaching program for a trainee on a specific date ? A conference you need to host but you are only available Thursday and Friday ?

You need to share custom availabilities, we got you covered !

Control your calendar by letting people book you on specific dates or date ranges

Taking into account your availabilities and your connected calendars, you will be able to prevent people from booking you outside of specific dates or date ranges.

This way you have a perfect control on your availabilities. The people who wants to meet with you will access your page and Vyte will display your calendar as busy outside of the date ranges you shared.

Set your availabilities with a Vyte Pro account

With a Vyte Pro Account you will be able define those dates quickly. Check your availabilities now :

Create my Vyte page, and start sharing custom availabilities !