Is Scheduling your booking requests, planning dates and times for your training sessions not quite your favorite tasks ? Are you looking for a smart booking system that will save your precious time for other important matters ?

You can now help yourself grow by creating your own booking page with Vyte ! Let’s see how it works. 

Give your trainees the opportunity to book a training session with you based on your availabilities

Booking requests can be a headache if you are scheduling your training sessions manually. Vyte lets you create a booking page (Vyte Page) that people can access through a shared link or directly from your website. Your Vyte page should look like this :

Your Vyte booking page works with a unique personal URL. Mine is but you can choose yours.

When someone accesses your booking page, Vyte lets you decide which information is required for the person to book a training session to control your booking process and save time.
Your potential trainee will then be able to pick some dates and times that work from him and you by looking into your schedule. He will not be able to select an already booked session. This process is here to avoid having to schedule all the bookings yourself. It will also give your trainees the opportunity to choose directly in your availability without constraints.

The tool will only ask for the name and email of the trainee to send email notifications regarding the event. We send emails after the reservation, the confirmation of the event and a reminder before the training session.

I want my trainees to pay as soon as they booked a training session with me, is it possible with Vyte ?

The answer is … Yes of course !

Vyte is here to help with the automation of your booking process. The tool enables you to redirect a person that just booked a session by inserting a redirection link to your payment platform. Every trainee booking a session will then automatically have to pay to confirm his request.

Integrate your Vyte page directly into your website for a better conversion 

If you are looking for a smart and effective booking system directly integrated into your website, Vyte has all the options!
You will have at your disposal two simple lines of code that you can add into your website. The first one to add a redirection button to your booking page and the second one to embed the entire booking page directly :

Create my Vyte page, the smart and effective booking tool for your training sessions !