AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere you look these days. Some are even frightened that it will take over the world 👀
Well, we at Vyte aren’t that far. Before we look at world domination, first, we want to take over your scheduling tasks in the most widely used team communication tool – Slack.

Schedule meetings with your team or individual members

If you are having regular conversations on Slack that include some form of the following, you’ll love what we came up with:

Person A: “Hey there, can we come up with a time next week to discuss our launch?

Person B: “Sure, I’d prefer late in the week, though.”

Person C: “But I can only Friday.”

Normally, this would go on for quite a while. The team members would compare their schedules and continue to “spam” the workplace.

Not with us.

If the Vyte scheduling bot is installed, all you need to do is to write: “@vytebot schedule launch meeting late next week.”
In that case, the bot invites the whole channel.

If you want to only invite some team members of a channel you need to mention them specifically. Like “hey @vytebot, schedule a marketing meeting late next week with @PersonB and @PersonC”

What the bot then does, is to compare all the connected schedules and find five times that would theoretically work for everyone. The “comparing schedules” feature is only available if you have a (free) Vyte account, but in general, an account is not mandatory. The bot also takes into consideration time zones and reasonable hours. So you won’t get booked at night 👌

But it doesn’t end here. Now the real magic is coming.

Vote yourself to a successful meeting

After five different times got proposed to everyone by a private message from the bot, everyone can vote on them. This way, you have a mixture of smart AI and manual input. Our thinking behind that is that we think, the user should keep some form of control over their schedule. 

As soon as everyone has voted, the meeting initiator can confirm the meeting and it automatically lands on everyone’s calendar. 

Install the bot

Enjoy individual availabilities with our Pro account

The bot is free – with one exception. If you want to have individual availabilities you should check out our Pro plan.

Individual availabilities empower you to set times when you are actually open to meeting requests. On the other times, our scheduling bot (or requests over your Vyte Page) won’t go through to you. This another potential layer for you to protect your time.

Find us on Product Hunt

If you want to learn in more detail how to use the bot visit our help site to the bot.