Synchronizing your calendars to keep your life in sync seems like an easy thing, but what goes on behind the scenes is complex (although not real exciting reading material).

We still want Vyte users to be excited by the fact we’re continuing to improve by announcing yet another calendar compatibility! Now you can sync Vyte with any calendar that supports CalDAV; so, for example, if you use Yahoo Calendar scheduling- Vyte away!

What is CalDAV? It sounds like the nickname of a college or university in California, but CalDAV is an open Internet standard that allows different software platforms to organize and store conflicting and changing calendar data (events, tasks, free-busy availability settings, notes).

The format of the data in the directories is iCalendar. This allows multiple clients to access the same information at the same time. So, as you can guess- spontaneous calendar planning, sharing, syncing, and confirming goes into motion no matter what device you use (including iPhones). 

With our new CalDAV integration you can now sync calendars, such as Zimbra and Fastmail to Vyte. Since Yahoo Calendar is rather popular, here is a link that shows how to integrate that calendar with your Vyte account:

Do you know someone like yourself with a Vyte account and a Yahoo Calendar? Now when you tell them “I’ll Vyte you, and we’ll meet.”- you will be able to see their availability too…yahoo!