You may have recently read about the excitement around Apple’s roll-outs of new: iPhone 11s; Apple Watches; iPads; and, even a new Apple Card.

Vyte is excited to announce our own recent Apple-related roll-out: iCloud Calendar compatibility! 

Now you can sync Vyte with your Apple devices and use iCloud Calendar to do all your appointment bookings fast and easy. (You may still fondly refer to iCloud Calendar as “iCal”.) 

Vyte meeting scheduling is fast and easy for everyone as it is; whether you need to meet with: one person or a group; a friend or a business project team; during the week or the weekend. 

Matter of fact, after a few quick steps, you can let Vyte schedule your meeting – you prepare for it. 

But if you’re simplifying your life with iCloud Calendar, Vyte is ready to help simplify it even more. (We already have you covered with our iPhone calendar app.)

This iCloud integration is a benefit of the Vyte Pro Plan. You can try Vyte Pro free for 14 days and take advantage of all its Advanced Features, especially those for group meetings.

You can review all the extra features of a Pro Plan (or customized Enterprise Plan for businesses) by clicking here:

The steps to take your Vyte account to the heights of iCloud integration are one click away on this support page:

So we heard you…You want the control Vyte gives you by scheduling any meetings you want, 24/7,  but calendar syncing with Apple’s iCloud Calendar…done.

We’re always improving for you, our “Vyters” (as we like to call our User Community)!

So just let your friends and colleagues know- “I’ll Vyte you, so we can meet”!