Many times we were asked, “Does Vyte work with Office 365?”.
So far we always had to say “It´s on our roadmap, we get to it asap!”. Well, not anymore. The product team worked tirelessly these past few week to make it happen and now we can finally announce it. Vyte now fully supports Office 365.

Bringing Vytes scheduling power to Office 365 users

Our mission is to limit the time you spend scheduling your meetings to an absolute minimum – for as many people as possible. By releasing Office 365 support we are able to provide Vytes scheduling power to a lot more people and we couldn’t be more excited about that!


Create a Vyte account with Office 365 now


But how do you get it?

New users: If you are a new user you will get two options when you want to sign up – one for Google and one for Office 365. Just pick the one you want and you are ready to go.

Existing users: If you are an existing user with a connected Google account you can now also add an Office 365 account. So if you use Google personally and Office 365 for work you can now manage your whole scheduling in Vyte – personally and professionally. Just go to your calendar settings on Vyte and click on “Add a calendar account”.

office 365 support