We love sharing our tips on Vyte or about productivity. But if we do it, it is before all for our users. Who are they? How do they use Vyte? Or, what are their little tips for being more productive? This is what we suggest to discover in this series of articles about our users. This week we had a chat with Alexis Michel, CMO of Yousign.

Yousign, 100% French electronic signature solution.

You may not know Yousign. Yousign is a secure and legal electronic signature solution. Thanks to an explicit interface, it makes it easy to integrate a signature service recognised at a European level. Software publisher and certification authority, Yousign is a qualified third party IDAS that controls the electronic signature process from A to Z. Between their offices in Caen and Levallois, Alexis Michel works every day to allow Yousign “to become the ‘one of the European leaders in electronic signatures by 2020’.

An example of use, the management of demo requests

Initially, Alexis used Vyte personally to organise his appointments, seduced by a solution “in French” and “a clear interface”.

When Yousign wanted to change its planning management demonstrations, there was no question of wasting valuable time developing a tailor-made solution. After looking at the existing solutions, the choice fell on Vyte. We have “really worked on the booking funnel. [Vyte] was the simplest, clearest solution, with a lot of customisation options. And since the team used GSuite messaging, the appointments were directly integrable with calendars, and everyone could have visibility “.

Thus, Yousign allows visitors to its site to make an appointment for a demonstration in three clicks from the home page of its website. Yousign’s Vyte Page – you can see it here – allows inbound sales teams to manage incoming demo requests efficiently.

With Vyte, Yousign was able to multiply by 2 the number of demos that are not initiated by a commercial since the implementation of its Vyte Page. By allowing users to make an appointment for a demo, Yousign can show in 30 seconds what is essential for each user and let him be even faster to engage the user. And “what is super convenient is that any member of the team can send the Vyte URL”.

How to improve your booking flow in Vyte for your demonstrations?

When asked what he would like to improve at Vyte, Alexis does not hesitate for a second: “having complete analytics in Vyte to recover the source, the UTM and be able to go up the conversion to really find the sources of visitors” would be great. And the ideas fuse: have the best practice to promote its use by the DSI or the top management of big companies that “use start-up friendly tools less”, and also know the average time spent ” would be great”.

The productivity tip of Alexis

Alexis’ little technique to be more productive may seem radical, but we imagine it very useful. A month ago, he removed all the “social media” apps from his phone and all notifications except calls. His cell phone is ringing all day and mute at night. And since you look at your phone hundreds of times a day, there is no risk of missing something important. Alexis is not cut off from society either: “I kept Slack and my emails”. And if he wants to find inspiration or anything else, he can do it from his computer. And then, he logically concludes “if there are significant emergencies, it will happen on Slack anyway”. And so, he does not feel all the time solicited.

Finally, what’s the update on Yousign?

Yousign has launched a new REST API. The latter allows its customers to use more functionality to go further in the electronic signature with an integration even more straightforward and more flexible.

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