Recruiters are in a work environment where scheduling is one of their key tasks. But most times it is still a pain and a huge time wasting process.

So let´s talk about how to make this workflow much smoother and faster.

Seamless time zone support

Usually, it works like that: picking the appealing candidates and send out suggestions for potential interview appointments. If the suggested time works for the candidate – great! The hassle is over.
If not, though, there is potentially a long back and forth via email (I´ve been there) to find the best date for all attendees. This is even already painful for 1-on-1 meetings – don´t get me started about group interviews…

There can be even one more layer of pain: time zones!
Once, I missed an important interview because of a time zone mix up. There was no one really to blame, but these are just things that can happen if you are doing scheduling more or less manually. In this specific case, four people lost an hour of precious time. Altogether four hours! Or half of a workday.

When I interviewed for the Vyte position I was impressed by how easy it can get. Martin, our CEO, just sent me his Vyte page, I picked some free slots from his calendar and couple minutes later I had a confirmed event in my inbox without even being a Vyte user at that time (now, I obviously am ;)). It also showed up immediately in my (and his) calendar. Nice! This way there was no chance to miss that, which eventually lead to me getting the job.

This also works flawlessly for groups of more than two people. The recruiter creates the event, all the attendee’s vote and then the recruiter confirms the best time for everyone.

Confirm multiple 1-on-1 meetings – many more features to come 

In the past weeks, we also worked on a pretty neat feature, especially for recruiters. From now on, you can confirm multiple 1-on-1 interviews right from one Vyte event. So imagine you have an event called “First screening – iOS developer”. You can invite as many candidates as you want, but they won´t see each other. We also have some cool other features in the pipeline! 🙂

With all these features, we are confident having a product to help you save time, to focus more on finding great talent for your company. At the end, this is recruiting about.
If you have any more feature suggestions or ideas, let us know! We are pumped to hear them! 🙂

You can find also more about it here: Vyte Recruiting 

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