1. Meeting notification received by your invitees when scheduling a meeting with Vyte

 When you schedule a meeting with Vyte (vyte.in), your invitees receive an email to vote on your suggestions.The email invitation is sent on your behalf. Your invitees will indeed receive an email with your name as sender


You receive also this email. It is a way for you to check that your event was effectively scheduled and sent to your invitees. And also that you did not make mistakes in the times or places that you proposed to the other participants of the meeting


In this email invite, they are noticed that you invited them to an event. The times (dates and hours) and the places that you suggested are listed in the meeting notification


The time zone of the meeting is also indicated. By default, your local time zone is indicated in the e-mail invite. But if your invitees click on the times you proposed, they will be pointed to the event page where the times will be indicated in your local time zone and also in theirs (if they are in a different time zone than yours). 


The list (name and e-mail) of the participants is also indicated directly in the meeting invitation

Find below the meeting notification that the participants will get.



2. Preferred dates : updates received only by the meeting organizer

The meeting invitees are invited to vote for their date preferences and also for their preferred places if you suggested some.


Each time, one the participants vote for his preferences, you receive a notification by email. The invitees do not get this notification. You are the only one to receive these updates, for you to easily manage the event you are scheduling.


In this meeting notification, you get an update on how many people vote for each time you proposed for the meeting. It is very easy to see at a glance the voting tendencies both for the times and the places that you suggested


In the update on voting tendencies, you also get the information of who and how many of the participants have already voted. Once enough people you invited have voted, you can decide to confirm the meeting


Everyone automatically gets a meeting notification for the confirmation of the event by mail and in their calendars with the information of the final date, hour and place.


Find below an example of email notification that the meeting organizer gets after one of the invitees has set his preferences





3. Meeting notifications : updates received by the meeting participants

A. “Message sent” notification to the meeting invitees

Everyone (all the participants excluding the one who sent the message) is notified when someone leaves a message.

They are two ways to send a message to the other invitees of the meeting. When a participant replies directly to one of the email received, including the invitation email to the meeting that is being scheduled. Or if one of the invitees leaves a message from the message box on the event page





B. New date or new place update sent to all the meeting participants

Each time one of the participants suggests new times or places for the meeting, all the invitees get a notification to give their preferences. By clicking on the “Vote on suggestions” button, the participants are pointed to the event page where they can vote. 


In the email notification, the new propositions are indicated with the “new” icon to be easily noticed by everyone.



C. Event confirmation update to all the invitees

When all the participants have voted for their preferences, you can confirm the best date and all the invitees get a meeting notification for the event confirmation by email and a calendar invite with the final meeting


The invitees also receive a notification if the event is updated (if the time of the meeting is changed or if the place is updated). Everyone also gets an email if the meeting is cancelled.





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