When you are invited to a vyte.in event, you can vote on suggestions directly from your calendar. You see the details of your Google calendar and a list of time suggestions to meet.

It has never been so easy to click and vote on the dates that work for you. 


1.Click on “Vote on suggestions” in the vyte.in invitation email you received


 2. Click on “View in my calendar” button below the dates suggestions. 


  3. Vote for suggestions from your calendar

vyte.in displays to you :
– the detail of your schedule 
– the date suggestions (in a list in the left of the calendar)

It is very easy to click and vote on suggestions that work for you. 

To display you calendar, you need to log in by clicking on the Link my calendar button (next to the “Save” button in the down right corner)


 To vote (or unvote) for a date, you need to click on it in the calendar



You can navigate in your calendar using the list of suggested dates in the left of the calendar



You can also navigate between date suggestions using the small monthly calendar. You are indicated in the small calendar the number of date propositions per day.



Hope this tip was useful for you.


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