My events : find all your pending and confirmed events
The first time you log on, you reach “My events” page.

On this page, you access all the events you created and for which you’ve been invited.

There are different status for a event :
– Confirmed : event is confirmed and has already sent the meeting to everyone’s calendar.
– Pending : the event is not confirmed yet.
– Vote needed : you need to set your availability for this event


When you are logged, you can access “My events” page from anywhere, clicking in the top right corner on  your name.


Create an event!
First step, add your invitees

As you are logged with your Google account, you have access to all your email contacts.
Just type the first letters and suggests you a list of contacts.


Second step, add a title to your events

Choose a simple and clear title for your event. If you want to add details, it is better to use the “messages” box. The invitees will also receive this message in the email invitation.


Third step, suggest dates and time

Just click on the dates you want to suggest. Clicking on the arrows, you can change months or year in the calendar.


It is always better to make at least three suggestions of date or hour. All your invitees are more likely to be available at least for one of them.


Click directly on the round clock to set your time suggestion.

By default, the round clock shows time from midday to midnight. If you want to suggest an hour before midday, just click on “AM” button.

When your are done for “hour” setting, the round clock switches directly to minutes. Just click on the round clock to set the minutes also.

If you want to go back to “hour” setting, just click on the “hour” box, as shown below.


You can set the duration of the meeting, clicking in “hour” and “minutes” boxes.

If your proposal is for all day, just click on “All day” button.


By default uses you Google calendar’s timezone but you may need to change it in “Time zone” box.

You can either delete (“blue bin” button) or add (“plus” button) a date.