In most cases, many lawyers are all day-long overbooked with their job. Everyone agrees that, lawyers‘ performance is highly dependent on how they manage and save time.


Here are 2 Google chrome add-ons we selected to help legal people handles their time management with efficiency.

Lawyers will now be able to do more in a single day, as they spend less time on their busy planning.


1., Schedule meetings 10x faster

A recent study showed that lawyers spend, the equivalent of half a day per week, scheduling all the meetings of the week. Lawyers run a lot of meetings, both, on all on-going cases and with their clients. helps lawyers improve their scheduling process in 2 aspects :

Plan a meeting in courtrooms, giving  access to your availability.

You can easily set your vyte scheduling page, and share the link with your customers (for ex. in your mail signature). Your schedule is being filled without caring about it.

  • Your clients see when you are busy and submit time suggestions to you
  • You just confirm the best time and everyone gets the final meeting in their calendar



Schedule your meeting with your customers from Gmail.

With‘s Chrome add-on, you can “kill two birds with one stone”. No more back and forth between your emails and your calendar. Schedule an event, when you compose a message on Gmail, just prior to send it to your customers or colleagues.

Once your new e-mail composed  :

  • click on the Chrome add-on . 
  • your event is automatically created (with the list of your invitees, the subject of your event and your e-mail content message)
  • you confirm the best date in one click. Meeting confirmation is automatically sent to the customers or colleagues you invited for this meeting.

You needn’t manage your e-mail and calendar separately, when you schedule a meeting.

 add on gmail (2)


2. Pocket, the best way to save articles, videos and more

When you find something on the web that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.

Save  and tag up all your articles  to use them Later

That free and powerfull add-on will help you save many time. Imagine that you’re in  charge of several legal cases and you find out a usefull article for one of them on the net. You can save it up, tags it, and then use it again to handle your case later.


Just click on the icon, in the Google Chrome toolbar and you’re done.


Saved to pocket


Share your legal saved content with lawyer people.

What is the most interesting  with Pocket is that you can share all your saved content. For example, send all your articles in the “Buffer queue” and schedule your tweets at the right time.


An other great feature : it is also possible  to send your saved content (articles, videos, images), right to your attorneys colleagues using Pocket. Instead of emailing them an article, you can send it directly to their new Pocket Inbox, so they can add it to their reading list.


Of course, if your lawyers people doesn’t use Pocket, you can still use the other classic ways to send them the content. 


pocket buffer