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Android | How to add to your homescreen

On your Android device, you can update or plan your meetings with You just need to create a shortcut on your homescreen, touch it and handle your meetings.

If you are an iPhone user, please find out our article on “iPhone : how to add on your homescreen” 


Here is a small tutorial to help you add, on your android device’s homescreen.


1. In your android device, login toyour account, and go to your events page : Then touch vytein-android-option  in the top-right of the screen.



 2.  In the drop-down menu,  select “Add to homescreen” 




3. Then, choose the title you want  for your shortcut and click on “Add” 



 4. You added your shortcut to your android device’s homescreen. Just click on it to access your events page quickly.




Hope this article was interesting for you, let us know if you have any question about it.


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  • Thx , but still waiting your killer app for android ( No real calendar since sunrise was sunset by Crosoft) keep on doing magical UX i’m waiting 4 you struggling with google calendar

    • Matti Heubner

      Hey there! Our ressources are limited, so unfortunately right now our focus is not on the Android app. It will come eventually, though! 🙂
      You can also check out our public roadmap to see what we are working on: