Have you ever lost a lot of time planning a meeting? 
You know…the frustration of endless email and voicemail message chains just to schedule one single meeting with friends and/or colleagues. 

Have you ever dreamed of having a PA or Personal Assistant to take care of this for you?

We have, too.

“I’ll have my person contact your person, and we’ll meet.” (or, do lunch)

That’s what you might have said in the past, but now it’s simply…

“I’ll Vyte you, and we’ll meet!” (or, have lunch)

Vyte is like a personal assistant, at least for scheduling meetings- sorry, no help with PowerPoint presentations.

Time is valuable…

  • It’s a lot more fun spending time with friends than spending it organizing a meeting with them!
  • It’s a lot less stressful being able to execute on a business goal than spending time on scheduling a meeting to discuss it.

Less stress and more fun can be your reality with Vyte.

How does Vyte work?

As a registered Vyter- you will quickly create your own Vyte Page (URL). This page is saved to use for your next event and all your events after that.

Then you create the “main event” for why you want or need to meet.

The “when” will be based on your availability; and, if an invitee is a fellow registered Vyter- you can see their calendar also. 

And that’s the “hard part” (although it’s all actually easy).

Vyte takes care of scheduling the meeting, so you can prepare for it!

Vyte takes care of overlaying everyone’s availability. You no longer have to care sift through messages to figure that out!


Invitees receive an email and are invited to vote on (as in a poll) your suggestions of day, time, and place. They can also make new suggestions if any of your suggestions don’t suit them.


When the meeting is confirmed, it is automatically added to your and your invitees’ calendars (no matter which one). No need to send reminders to everyone.


Some other key points about Vyte...

Vyte works on desktops, mobiles, and tablets

Vyte lets invitees vote for suggestions directly from their email 

Vyte automatically coordinates time zones

Vyte is available in different languages
Vyte is available in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish. Too bad there isn’t one word for “cool”.

Vyte offers security and scalability

Say “I’ll Vyte you”…and schedule your first meeting with Vyte!