Why does Vyte ask for access to your contacts?

vyte.in asks for access to your contacts for you to easily invite your contacts when logged onto vyte.in.You only need to type the first letters of the email or name of your contacts and vyte.in suggests you a relevant list of contacts.

We just get read access to your contacts so we can’t modify them.

Like with any other personal information, vyte.in will not share participants’ e-mail addresses with third parties. vyte.in will not send any e-mail to contacts that you have not invited to a vyte.in event.


Why does Vyte ask for access to your calendar?

vyte.in asks access to your calendar for you to create and access events in the relevant timezone. You can also easily suggest dates in vyte.in from a calendar synchronized with your Google Calendar. Moreover, vyte.in temporarily inserts pre-booked slots in your calendar (as OPTIONS) for your date suggestions and the ones made by invitees.
vyte.in also displays your rough availability to the other partcipants, i.e. if you are available or busy. They can easily suggest dates that are convenient to you.

Of course, the details of your schedule remain secret and confidential. Your invitees only see when you are busy.


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