Have you ever lost a lot of time planning a meeting? 
Have you ever experienced endless chains of messages just to schedule one single meeting with friends or for work?

Have you ever dreamed of having an assistant to take care of this for you?

Guess what? We, too.
That is why we created vyte.in!

vyte.in is your personal meeting assistant. It is your personal helper for scheduling meetings.
Our philosophy is that time is precious.It’s funnier to spend time with friends instead of spending time organizing the meeting!

It is no sense to lose some time at work to plan a meeting instead or working on more relevant things!

So, our software is there to help you save your time, and plan meeting easily.

 vyte.in helps you find the right time and place that suit all your invitees.

What makes vyte.in so magic?

First, vyte.in takes care of having everyone set their availabilities. You no longer have to care about it! vyte.in, your personal planner, is working for you!


Second, when the meeting is confirmed, it is automatically added to your invitees’ calendars. They cannot forget it and you no longer have to send reminders to everyone.


No matter if your invitees use Outlook (Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013), Google calendar, Apple iCalendar, or whatever calendar client, appointments will be automatically synchronized to their agendas.

How does vyte.in work?
The only thing that you have to do is to create a vyte.in event with your availability and the list of your invitees.  And that’s it. vyte.in takes care of everything else! You just have to relax!





Other participants of the meeting receive an email and are invited to vote (as in a poll) for your suggestions of time and place. They can also make new suggestions if any of your suggestions  suit them.

No sign up or app download is needed for participants to set their availability.

Schedule your first meeting with vyte.in!

We kept vyte.in very simple and practical. It does only what you need. And everything was thought to save your time and your invitees’ time. 

vyte.in is based on Google Login
To use vyte.in, you need to have a Google account. When you log in, you have direct access to your contact list. To guarantee maximum safety, we use Google secure protocol (OAuth2).

vyte.in is integrated with Foursquare places
Foursquare places is the best crowd-sourcing API for places. Thanks to Foursquare integration, vyte.in suggests you (via auto-completion) a list of relevant places when you start typing in the places box.

Moreover, vyte.in saves for you all your favorite places (Foursquare and private places). Again, to help you save time when creating your vyte.in event.

vyte.in works perfectly on desktops, mobiles and tablets
We worked to offer a great user experience whatever the device you use. You can schedule your meetings with vyte.in from your computer (PC, MAC), from you mobile (iPhone, Android, and other smartphones) or from your tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab and all others).
The same is true for your invitees when they vote or propose new time suggestions.

vyte.in lets invitees vote for suggestions directly from their email in-boxes
For Gmail and iPhone users, you can vote for time and place suggestions directly from your email inbox.

vyte.in recognizes automatically invitees
Thanks to vyteLink technology, invitees , accessing the event page to vote, are recognized automatically. No sign-up and no app download are necessary.

vyte.in takes care of time zones
vyte.in recognizes automatically international time zones. In the vyte.in event page, time suggestions are converted into the relevant time zone for each participant.

vyte.in manages private list and unified communication
Thanks to vyteList technology, all messages shared between invitees are kept in one single place, on the event page.
All messages are saved and showed in a chronological and a clear way on the event page. You keep updated about all what being shared between invitees without having to go to your mailbox every time you receive an email from another participant.

vyte.in is available in different languages
vyte.in is available in English, in French and in Portuguese. It will soon be available in other languages.

vyte.in offers large security and scalability
vyte.in is a secure web application with end-to-end SSL encryption (HTTPS).
Moreover, vyte.in is a scheduling application hosted in the cloud, developed to support an unlimited number of users.

Schedule your first meeting with vyte.in!