Privacy policy

I. Introduction

At Vyte, we want to give you the best possible user experience while allowing you to keep control over the data we collect and the way we use them. Therefore our privacy policy (called hereafter ‘Policy’) aims at informing you transparently about your personal data we collect, store, and use. This policy informs you about your rights and how they can be exercised.

You will find in the hereby policy:

  • Which personal data we collect and the related purpose
  • Which information we share with the other users of the platform
  • The potential service providers with who we could share your personal data
  • Which rights you have regarding your personal data and how to exercise them
  • Which measures we take in order to guarantee you an optimal security

We hope this policy will bring you all the information you expect on our commitments to ensure your privacy.

If you disagree with the content of our privacy policy, you are free not to use Vyte.

If these information do not answer your questions, please contact us. You can find all the information you need in section 11 (Contact). Personal data processing is operated on behalf of the company: SAS

279 rue de Vaugirard

75015 Paris

Under the control of Mr Martin Saint-Macary

II. Rights and preferences of the users

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the European Union gives people rights related to their personal data. This regulation establishes a very high standard of personal data protection and will apply to all Vyte users from the 25th May 2018.

Accordingly, any Vyte user has the following rights:

  • Right of access: you have the right to know which of your personal data is collected by Vyte, for which purpose and on which legal basis.
  • Right to rectification: you have the right to request that Vyte rectify personal information about you that might be inaccurate as soon as possible
  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten): you have the right to ask Vyte to delete your personal data when they are not necessary to the operation of the service or when you withdraw your consent
  • Right to data portability: you have the right to request from Vyte a copy of the personal data you gave to Vyte

Data processing operated by Vyte does not lead to an automated decision-making (profiling) under the GDPR. If that is the case in the future, Vyte users would have the right to object to any data processing leading to an automated decision-making that would produce significant effects on them.

Furthermore, any user has the right to lodge a complaint with a European supervisory authority in order to contest the way we process his/her personal data.

Since data processing is based on your consent, as for instance the reception of marketing emails from Vyte, you can withdraw your consent anytime without jeopardising your use of the service by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link visible at the end of each email, or under  the same terms according to which you exercise your other rights mentioned in this article.

You can exercise your rights either by email (see the Contact section), or on a simple request via the chat tab available on the Vyte website.

We are committed to processing your requests as soon as possible upon verification of their legitimacy or their authenticity.

III. How we collect your personal data

Your personal data is collected by Vyte on our database (MongoDB) :

  • When you sign up or log in for the service

When you sign up for the service or when you log in with your Microsoft or Google user ID, we collect some personal data that are strictly necessary to the service; such as your email address, your profile picture, your last names and first names, your gender, your time zone, your language preference, your calendar appointments and your contacts.

  • When you use the service

When you use the service, we collect personal data such as your preferred appointment durations, the contact details of the people you want to make an appointment with, your location preferences for appointments as well as your availabilities.

  • When you confirm an appointment

People with who you booked an appointment or only some information such as their email address, the locations, dates, hours and duration of these appointments.

  • Personal data

We can also receive personal data such as your name, your email address and your profile picture from other users when they want to book an appointment with you. If you then sign up for Vyte, we might collect the personal data mentioned in the sections 1 to 3 of this article. If you vote for your preferences without signing up for the service, we collect in addition only your availabilities and appointment locations. When you are invited to an appointment, you still have the possibility to indicate your preferences without signing up for Vyte. In that case, we keep your personal data insofar as it is necessary to provide your interlocutors with the service without jeopardising your rights mentioned in section 2.

Besides, we use anonymous and aggregated information collected by cookies (Amplitude, Baremetrics, Google Analytics, Mixpanel) for purposes such as testing our IT systems, ensure the security of your information or offer you an optimal quality service as for instance, by presenting your the service in your spoken language. This information is not considered as personal under the GDPR.

IV. Data we collect from you

Please find below a presentation of the personal data we collect and use:

Data collected when you sign up for Vyte

Personal data categoryDescription of the category
Account user registration dataThis is the personal data you give us when you register through Google and Microsoft third-party services in order to sign up and use the Vyte service. In that case, Vyte does not have access to your Google and Microsoft passwords. If you choose to create a Vyte account immediately, your IDs and passwords are encrypted and stored by Vyte. It involves your last name, first name, email address, home city as well as your profile picture.

We ask third parties only the data that is strictly necessary to create your account. When you log in those services during your subscription to Vyte, you authorise them to share this information with us.

You also have the possibility to provide us with additional personal data in order to enhance the customisation of your account.

Calendar dataThis data that is also shared with us by third-party services. It includes your past and future appointments, and when this information is filled in; appointment locations, people invited and notes.
Appointment preference dataThese are the availabilities you indicate when you organise an event involving several people.

Data collected when you sign up for Vyte Pro

Professional account registration dataWhen setting up your Vyte Pro page, you have to give some information such as the name of your company. The information that is mandatory to the provision of the service is clearly indicated.
Appointment preference dataThis is the data you provide Vyte with in order to make the appointment booking easier on your Vyte page. This data can include your preferred language, your availability hours, your preferred appointment locations or the choice of a username for your Vyte page.

This data also includes the links towards your social networks that you set up for your Vyte page.

The messages transmitted through the Vyte app are also collected in compliance with the same terms.

Payment dataThis data is collected for Vyte by a subcontractor when you sign up for the Vyte pro offer. The data collected is likely to vary according to the payment method. Vyte can only access this information partly. It generally includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • The identification information of your credit card such as the card type, the expiration date or the card numbers

Data collected when you are invited to an appointment with Vyte

Login dataThis data is mainly collected anonymously. Nevertheless, for safety measures and for the improvement of the service, we have to collect your login data to provide statistics in order to maximise your customer experience.

The collection of this data is not anonymous and is necessary to guarantee the security of the service. Therefore, we cannot offer you the possibility to contest this data collection and processing.

Data collected when you book an appointment with Vyte

Summary identification dataWhen you join an event (through a share link) or you book an appointment on the Vyte Page of a user – without signing up for Vyte – we collect your name in order to inform the participants of the appointment about your identity, and your email address so that  you can receive a confirmation for this appointment, as well as your availabilities.Your name and profile picture can also be provided by a user of the service who invited you to an event.

Depending on the settings of the Vyte Page on which you booked an appointment, you might also have to give your company’s name and your phone number.

Specific data collected by Vyte on iOS

Device location dataThis data is stored only on the device used to access the service, and you must have explicitly accepted to share it with the device to access the service. This data is not stored on Vyte servers. It helps to indicate your location on the app.

V. Use of your personal data

When you use Vyte services, we process your data in various ways to ensure that you can use the service very easily. The table below contains the various processings we can apply to your data

Processing purposesLegal basis of the processing purposeCategories of personal data used by Vyte
Book your new appointments
  • Performance of a contract
  • Legitimate interest
  • Calendar data
Simplify your appointment bookings
  • Performance of a contract
  • Legitimate interest
  • Calendar data
Allow appointment booking on you Vyte page
  • Performance of a contract
  • Consent
  • Account registration data
  • Professional account registration data
  • Calendar data
  • Appointment preference data
Share your appointments with your guests and invite them to vote for their availabilities
  • Performance of a contract
  • Legitimate interests
  • Account registration data
  • Calendar data
  • Professional account registration data
Communicate with you about how the service works, the implementation of new content or share our latest news
  • Consent
  • Account registration data

VI. Sharing your personal data

Sharing your personal data depends on the setup you chose for your Vyte account.

By default, sharing your data is limited to the visibility of the availabilities on your calendar by the people you want to book an appointment with, as well as other Vyte users who want to book an appointment with you or suggest other dates for an appointment to which you have been invited.

You can choose which of your calendars will be visible to the other users. If you do not want your calendars to be available, you have the possibility to hide them all.

For a basic Vyte account, the third parties you invite to appointments can only have access to your summary identification data, as well as to your calendar availabilities  (with no access to the content of your calendar).

Furthermore, some of your personal data might be shared with Vyte subcontractors (who are compliant with the GDPR) for service improvement purposes. Identifier strings might for instance be shared. Moreover, Vyte makes sure that their use of your data sticks to the data processing required by Vyte to provide its service.

For a Pro Vyte account, you might have to provide new information. Thus, your payment information is shared with our payment service providers (Stripe), as well as with our billing service providers. Your professional identification data are also shared with the services we use to communicate with you such as Intercom.

Finally, in every use of Vyte except for a simple vote for an appointment on the use of the service, your calendar data is shared with your calendar service provider (i.e. Google and Microsoft); the latter being – as a last resort- responsible for the storage of your appointments.

VII. Retention and deletion of data

We keep your personal data only as long as necessary to provide you with the Vyte service or for legitimate and business purposes such as the proposal of new offers.

In compliance with your rectification and erasure rights mentioned in section 2, you can request that your personal data be changed, deleted or anonymised in order to prevent your identification.

These measures apply unless we are legally constrained to keep personal data in cases such as the following:

  • In case of an unresolved issue related to your account such as an outstanding debt
  • In case of legal, tax or accounting obligations
  • In case of legitimate business interests such as securing users accounts or fraud prevention.

VIII. Transfer to other countries

The data processed by Vyte is stored in Ireland (EU) on the servers of Amazon Web Services. Vyte might also subcontract your personal data processing or replicate its storage in other countries in order to guarantee the best service quality. If that is the case, your personal data might be subject to a legislation that is different from the European Union legislation, insofar as these countries offer a protection level that is considered as equal. These cross-border processings are operated in compliance with the adequacy decision of the European Commission about the Privacy Shield Act US-EU

IX. Personal data security and infringement notification

We are committed to implementing appropriate organisational and technical measures in order to guarantee an adapted security level regarding the risks of accidental, unauthorised or illegal access; as well as disclosure, degradation, loss or destruction or your personal data.

Among the various measures we implemented in order to guarantee an optimal security, we use pseudonymisation and the encryption of some data stored in our servers or our service providers’ servers.

We also ensure to select, among our service providers, those who offer the most guarantees and apply the best security standards to the data they process.

Please be aware that ‘zero risk’ does not exist. Therefore, in case we notice an illegal access to your personal data stored in our servers or our services providers’ servers; or an unauthorised access resulting in the risks indicated above, we are committed to:

  • Informing you as soon as possible;
  • Finding out the causes of the incident and inform you
  • Taking necessary measures when possible in order to reduce the negative effects and damages caused by the so called incident

Besides, we draw your attention to the fact that your passwords to access Google and Microsoft authentication services, as well as the “assistant” password you created, protect your account. Therefore, we recommend you to choose wisely a safe and unique password, but also not to communicate it to anyone in any way and to change it frequently. Moreover, do not forget to log out of the service when other people are likely to access your computer.

X. Privacy policy update

Our privacy policy might be changed in order to ensure the constant improvement of our service.

If that is the case, we will inform you in the most appropriate way, whether by mentioning it on the website (pop-up), with a notification on the mobile app, or via email.

When possible, we might notice you in advance of the implementation of these new measures.

Please read it carefully.

XI. Contact

Thank you for reading our privacy policy. Our staff remains available for any question you may have. As it is very important for us to make sure you can contact us easily, please find below 2 simple ways to do it:

  • Using the support tab available on Vyte website
  • Writing to us at the following address:

Thank you for trusting us

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