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Best Doodle alternative : try vyte, free and beautiful scheduling app for Professionals

Launched in 2007, Doodle is until today the more famous online scheduling tool. When you schedule an event with Doodle, you create a poll with time proposals. The invitees vote on time suggestions in order to find a consensus on a time. 


Launched in 2014, Vyte is now the best Doodle alternative for Professionals. It is a free appointment scheduling software either to schedule group meetings or one-to-one meetings faster


Doodle is a very good scheduling tool but has some limitations and among them, two major ones :
– an old-fashioned design (which did not really change since the launch in 2007)
– and no automatic synchronisation of your invitees’ calendars at meeting confirmation.


Doodle does not prompt you to confirm the final date when all your invitees have voted on your suggestions. Very often, you end up forgetting about the poll you created.

What’s more, even if you confirm the final date on the Doodle event page, your invitees receive an email but the invitation is not added automatically to their calendars.


What often happens is that your invitees forget about the meeting. Or if you send a reminder to them before, they already booked another meeting at the same time. You need to reschedule the meeting, which is a waste of time for everyone.


This can be a real brake for a professional use when your image is at stake and when calendar lack of synchronisation is a major issue (no show, double booking). 


1. Best Doodle alternative for group meetings

For professionals, Vyte is the best Doodle alternative for group meetings.


Here’s a short video about Vyte, easy scheduling app for group meetings : 


A. Select your invitees and suggest available times directly from your calendar

With Vyte, easy scheduling application, you do not need to create a special account to use the application. You just log in with your Google account. 


You select your invitees from your Google contacts and you suggest available times from a calendar view that is synchronised with your Google calendar. It prevents you from suggesting times when you are already booked. 


What is magic with Vyte is that, in the calendar view, you also see when your invitees are busy (if they already signed up to Vyte). It is very easy to make relevant time suggestions for everyone. Vyte lets you make some place proposals if you need to. 


B. Your invitees vote on your suggestions without having to sign up

Your invitees receive an email to vote on your suggestions. It points to a beautiful designed event page when they see :
– the list of the invitees
– the time proposals
– the messages (exchanged between participants).


They do not need to sign up to Vyte to vote on the time proposals. They can vote from any device (their computer, their mobile or their tablet). 


It is very easy to see who voted on what. They can also see the time proposals in a calendar view and link their own calendar to this view in order to easily vote on the dates when they are available. 


See below, vyte beautifully designed event page.



C. Confirm the best time and everyone gets the final date in their calendars

When everyone has voted, Vyte prompts you to confirm the final date in one click. All the invitees receive an email with the final time for the meeting. The final time is also automatically added to everyone’s calendars (no matter what calendar client they use). 


Do you have a group meeting to schedule? Try Vyte for free now.



2. Best Doodle alternative for one-to-one meetings

With Doodle, you can create a personal scheduling page, the meetme page, for your one-on-one meetings. You can share your page link with anyone asking for a meeting to let them book a meeting with you at a convenient time. 


But, once again, the design is very old-fashioned and the ads (automatically inserted in the free version) do not give a Professional feeling. 


Vyte is the best Doodle alternative for one-to-one meetings in a Professional use. In the free version, you get a beautiful designed page totally free of ads


See how you can schedule one-to-one meetings faster with Vyte in the short video below. 



Stop sending your availability by email. Let people book one-to-one meetings with you at a convenient time with vyte.


See below the personal scheduling page, you’ll get with Doodle (Poor design, Full of ads). 



With Vyte, you get a beautifully designed page for free and free of ads, to schedule your one-on-one meetings faster. 



Schedule meetings faster. Try vyte for free now.